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Root Canal Treatment in El Cajon, CA

Root Canal

A root canal procedure detects and eliminates decay formed in the root of a tooth. Root canal treatment purges an infected root canal of pain as well as conserve the surrounding teeth from the spread of infection-causing bacteria.

Some immediate signs that require a root canal treatment include increased sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, swelling and tenderness in the gums, toothache (especially when chewing), and darkening of the tooth. You should contact DR. George C. Jared immediately if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

Treating an Infected Tooth Root

To treat an infected tooth root, an X-ray is used to get a good look at the plagued tooth cavity and to check for signs of infection in the surrounding bone and soft tissues. In preparation for treatment, anesthesia is applied both to the tooth and surrounding region. A sheet of rubber is also placed around the tooth to seal out saliva and other liquids.

After the tooth is properly numbed and sealed, the infected area will be drilled into to remove bacteria, debris, pulp, and damaged nerve tissues to meticulously clean the cavity. A standard cleaning solution or water will be applied to remove any debris throughout the procedure to keep the area free of bacteria or other particles.

Medication may be placed inside the tooth if an infection requires further treatment. Antibiotics may also be prescribed to eliminate any lingering bacteria, debris, or pulp.

Once the procedure is completed, a temporary filling will be applied to seal in the medicine and keep contaminants out. During the follow-up appointment a permanent seal will be placed. If it is determined during the initial appointment that the cavity is clear and ready for treatment the permanent seal can be completed during the initial root canal appointment.

Rubber and paste are issued to formulate the permanent seal, which is inserted in the cavity. The gutta-percha, also known as the compound, is inserted directly into the cavity. The exterior access hole is also sealed.

After the root canal treatment, additional measures may be implemented to restore health and function to the tooth. A crown or other type of covering may be used to secure the tooth and prevent it from infection.

If you are currently suffering from sensitivity, toothache, or have noticed a darkening of your tooth, trust years of experience to restore your smile and eliminate your pain. DR. George C. Jared, DDS offers treatments for a wide array of dental problems to help you achieve the beautiful smile you deserve!

Give him a call at (619) 390-3669 to learn more about how he can help.



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