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  • You will not find a more caring Dental Office than Dr. George Jareds. Him and his entire team are so welcoming and sincere, from the front office all the way through to the back is kept superbly clean and all team members treat you like roualty. I've never had Dentists care abnout how you're welcomed in and taken care of!!!

    Google / Nov 7, 2017

Tooth Extractions in El Cajon, CA

Dr. George C. Jared DDS understands that as much it is painful to admit, sometimes it’s necessary to have a tooth pulled. A person may have a baby tooth that has long roots attached that prevent it from falling out as it typically would, and to make way for the permanent tooth to erupt an extraction is needed.

In other cases, there may be so much decay around a tooth that it puts the jaw and surrounding teeth at risk of decay. At this point it may be recommended to get the tooth pulled and replaced with an implant or bridge.

Orthodontic correction, infection, or lingering problems with wisdom teeth can also require a tooth extraction.

Common Reasons To Get A Tooth Pulled

Infection : Usually when there is an infection of your teeth, the infection can be treated with a filling (such as is done with a cavity). A root canal may be used if the infection is more extensive. Sometimes the tooth will need to be pulled entirely.

A crowded mouth : If there is crowding around your teeth, your dentist or orthodontist will most likely recommend that you have a tooth pulled to make room to create a healthy, beautiful smile.

Periodontal (gum) disease : Gum or periodontal disease is an infection of the bones and tissues that support and surround the teeth. It may be necessary to have a tooth pulled if an infection has caused a loosening of the teeth.

Risk of infection : If other health problems are compromising your immune system it may be necessary to have a tooth pulled.

If it is determined that a patient needs to have a tooth pulled, most times it can be done during a typical family dentistry checkup. A separate appointment may be required for a tooth extraction. As is the case with all the treatment you will receive at East County Family Dental Center, you will have your choice of different dental sedation options for your comfort.

After a tooth extraction, the neighboring teeth may shift which could cause problems with jaw joint function or chewing. Dr. Jared and the dental experts at East County Family Dental Center are happy to recommend options to replace an extracted tooth with a dental implant, a partial bridge or a dental bridge Call us today!


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