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Dental Bridges in El Cajon CA

Dental Bridges

Dr. George C. Jared DDS of East County Family Dental Center is now providing dental bridges for patients in El Cajon. Dental bridges are prosthetics that fill in the empty spaces created by missing teeth. On each end of the gap area a crown is placed to support the prosthetic tooth, commonly referred to in the dental world as “pontic.”

Bridges are an effective way to replace a missing tooth in an attractive, natural-looking way. They also prevent the shifting of adjacent teeth. Furthermore, dental bridges support the structure of one’s facial features, facilitates proper speaking, chewing, and redistributes the force of a bite.

There are 3 main types of dental bridges. These include:

Cantilever bridges– These are the desirable choice for filling a gap that has only one tooth adjacent to support the bridge.

Resin-bonded bridges– These are commonly known as Maryland bridges. They typically use either metal or porcelain wings. The wings are implanted on the side of the teeth that faces the tongue. Wings support replacement teeth and frame the gap. These resin-bonded bridges may use metal, porcelain, or plastic.

Traditional bridges– These are the most commonly used dental bridges. They involve two crowns which are fixed on the teeth on both sides of a gap, using a prosthetic tooth (or pontic) in between. Usually a fusion of metal and porcelain or ceramics are used to fill these bridges.

It takes several visits to a dentist to place dental bridges. At your first appointment enamel will be removed from the abutment teeth to ready the dental crown for placement. At that point impressions of the teeth will be made which will allow the lab to form-fit the pontic, crowns, and dental bridge. A custom fit will ensure proper function and optimal comfort. Once you have been seen at your first appointment a temporary bridge will be placed to secure your teeth until your custom bridge is ready to be placed.

During your second visit the temporary bridge will be discarded, and the final bridge will be adjusted and fitted. After a minimum of two weeks have elapsed, the final bridge will be placed.

The number of visits required, material needs, and other factors will determine the final cost. Your dental insurance will pay a sizable portion of the cost in most cases, and dental bridges will last for more than ten years if properly cared for. If you have a missing tooth or a full set of teeth, Dr. George C. Jared and the experts at East County Family Dental Center can help. We offer a full range of options to help you attain the beautiful smile you have always wanted!

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